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Java Training Institute in Noida

JAVA is a technology that allows Programmer for software design and written just once and run on a variety of real computers, Java can be used to create complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network.

Course Duration

35 Hours

Our Course Content

Introduction to Java Programming

•    What Is Java?

•    Java’s Past, Present, and Future

•    Why Learn Java?

•    Getting Started with Programming in Java

Java Basics

•    Statements and Expressions

•    Variables and Data Types

•    Comments

•    Literals

•    Expressions and Operators

•    String Arithmetic

Arrays, Conditionals, and Loops

•    Block Statements

•    if Conditionals

•    switch Conditionals

•    for Loops

•    while and do Loops

•    Breaking Out of Loops

•    Arrays

Object Oriented Programming and Java

•    Objects and Classes

•    Behavior and Attributes

•    Inheritance

•    Encapsulation

•    Abstraction

•    Polymorphism

Working with Objects and Classes in Java

•    Defining Classes

•    Creating New Objects

•    Creating Instance and Class Variables

•    Creating Methods

•    Creating Java Applications

•    Java Applications and Command-Line Arguments

More About Methods in Java

•    Method Overloading

•    Constructors

•    Overloading Constructors

•    Overriding Methods

•    Finalize Methods

•    Static and Final Keywords

Packages and Interfaces

•    Packages

•    The Java Class Library

•    User Define Packages

•    Interfaces

•    Defining an Interface

•    Implementing an Interface

•    Using an Interface as a Type

•    Abstract Class in java

Java Access Modifiers

•    Introduction to Java Access Modifiers

•    public access modifier

•    private access modifier

•    protected access modifier

•    default access modifier

Exception Handling in Java

•    What is Exception

•    Exception Classes

•    Exception Statement Syntax

•    Rules for try, catch and finally Blocks

•    Defining new Exceptions

•    throw, throws statement

•    Handling Multiple Exceptions

Multithreading in Java

•    Introduction to Threads

•    Thread Creation

•    Thread Synchronization

•    Thread States

•    Thread Priority

•    Thread Scheduler

•    Yielding, Sleeping and Waking Up

•    Waiting, Notifying and Joining

•    The Runnable Interface

Java Applet

•    How Applets and Applications Are Different

•    Creating Applets

•    Life Cycle of Applet

•    Including an Applet on a Web Page

•    Passing Parameters to Applets

•    Creating Animation in Java

Graphics, Fonts, and Color in Java

•    The Graphics Class

•    Drawing and Filling

•    Text and Fonts

•    Color

The Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT)

•    An AWT Overview

•    The Basic User Interface Components

•    Panels and Layout

•    Handling UI Actions and Events

•    More UI Components

•    Windows, Menus, and Dialog Boxes

Managing Simple Events and Interactivity

•    Mouse Clicks

•    Mouse Movements

•    Keyboard Events

•    The AWT Event Handler

Java Collections Framework

•    Core Collection Interfaces

•    Standard utility methods

•    How are Collections Used

•    Java ArrayList and Vector

•    Java LinkedList and TreeSet

•    Java HashMap, HashTable and HashSet

I/O Streams in Java

•    Class InputStream

•    ByteArrayInputStream

•    FileInputStream

•    FilterInputStream

•    PipedInputStream

•    SequenceInputStream

•    StringBufferInputStream

•    Class OutputStream

•    ByteArrayOutputStream

•    FileOutputStream

•    FilterOutputStream

•    PipedOutputStream

•    Related Classes

Java Swing and JFC

•    Intoduction to Java Swing

•    JFrame and JWindow

•    JOptionPane

•    The Basic User Interface Components

•    JPanels and Layout

•    Java Look and Feel

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

•    JDBC Architecture

•    JDBC Basics

•    Processing SQL Statements with JDBC

•    Establishing a Connection

•    Connecting with DataSource Objects

•    Handling SQLExceptions

•    Retrieving and Modifying Values from Result Sets

•    Using Prepared Statements

•    Using JDBC with GUI

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