Python Training Classes in Noida

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Python Training Classes in Noida

Python is High level programming language. Python programming can used for Data Science, Web Development, Network Programming etc. Our Python training covers python as object Oriented, Python as Data structure, GUI, Database connection with Python. Python course focus on practical learning from beginning to advanced level, Python is famous language for machine learning.

Course Duration

40 Hours

Our Course Content

Downloading and Installing Python
Introduction to Python
Editors for Python Programming
Working with Python IDLE
Operators in Python 3.5
Expression and Calculation in Python
Numbers, Strings and Lists
Reading Input
More Control Flow Tools
if and elif Statements
while and for Statements
The range() Function
break and continue Statements
else Clauses on Loops
pass Statements
Defining Functions in Python
Argument and return values
Default Argument Values
Lambda Expressions
Documentation Strings
Data Structures in Python
More on Lists
Lists as Stacks and Queues
The del statement
Tuples and Sequences
Sets, Dictionaries
Looping Techniques
Creating Modules
Executing modules as scripts
Library as Packages
Importing * From a Package
Packages in Multiple Directories
Input and Output
Output Formatting
Old string formatting
Files in Python
Reading and Writing Files
Methods of File Objects
Exception Handling
Syntax Errors and Exceptions
Handling Exceptions
Raising Exceptions
User-defined Exceptions
Object Orientated Python
A First Look at Classes
Constructor and self statement
Class Definition Syntax
Class Objects
Multiple Inheritance.
Database Programming with Python
The Python Database API (DBAPI)
Connecting Python to the Database
Manipulating a Database from Python Program

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Python Training classes in Noida